RAFOC is pleased to note the announcement by YB. Minister of Defence that RELA will not be using the rank structure of the Malaysian Armed Forces, in this case the rank structure of the Malaysian Army/Air Force. This was decided by the Cabinet during its meeting last Friday, 22 Jun 2012 to avoid offending various quarters. The minister said this after launching the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention Bill awareness workshop held in Kajang, Selangor yesterday, Monday, 25 Jun 2012.

RAFOC welcome this announcement and thank YB. Minister of Defence for being sensitive to the views put forward to him by the retired Armed Forces officers' community and for bringing the matter to the attention of YAB. Prime Minister and his Cabinet. With this decision, RAFOC and other relevant associations/clubs need no longer take any further action to get the Schedule 12 of the RELA Act 2012 rescinded.

On behalf of all retired Armed Forces officers, RAFOC thanked Kol Abd Malek bin Alwi, (Bersara), President of Kelab Pegawai-Pegawai RAMD and his Committee for initiating the objection. RAFOC came to the fore-front in support of their effort and made the retired Armed forces officers' community aware on this issue. RAFOC is also aware that there were many other individuals and veterans' associations/clubs which were concerned on this issue and played their part in one way or other to resolve this matter.

Likewise, RAFOC believe that our brother Armed Forces officers who are still in Service have also done what they could and needed to do in this matter - after all they are the current bona fide holders of the ranks and the custodian of such. The past and future generations have them to blame should another non-Armed Forces organization be allowed to use the rank structure of our Armed Forces. The retired Armed Forces officers' community await for Schedule 12 of the RELA Act 2012 to be formally rescinded for this issue to lay to rest. Under the RELA Act 2012, the Minister of Home Affairs has the power to do so.

RAFOC has demonstrated its purpose and relevance. RAFOC look forward to the support of all retired Armed Forces officers in order for it to continue playing its role.