February 14 is a historic day to the Royal Malay Regiment - for that matter to the Malaysian Army, to the Malaysian Armed Forces and to the Nation. It was on this day in 1942 that Platoon 7, "C" Company, 1st Battalion, the Malay Regiment under Lt Adnan bin Saidi, made the final stand against the advancing Japanese Army in Bukit Chandu, Singapore. Although heavily outnumbered, Adnan refused to surrender and urged his men to fight until the end. They held off the Japanese for two days under heavy enemy shelling and shortages of food and ammunition. Adnan was shot but carried on fighting until he succumbed to his injury.

On the next day, 15 February 1942, the British Army surrendered to the Japanese Army. For the next four years and six months, Malaya was under the Japanese occupation until 12 September 1945, the day the Japanese Army in turn formally surrendered to the British Army.

The ferocious fight put up by the Malay Regiment came for special mention by Lt Gen A.E. Percival (GOC Malaya 1941-1942) in his foreword to the book 'The Malay Regiment of 1933-1947' which was published in 1947 by (Tan Sri) Mubin C. Sheppard:

" …these young and untried soldiers acquitted themselves in the way which bore comparison with the very best troops in Malaya. In particular, by their stubborn defence of the Pasir Panjang Ridge at the height of the Battle of Singapore, they set an example of steadfastness and endurance which will become a great tradition in the Regiment and an inspiration for the future generations."

Tonight, units of the Royal Malay Regiment will all hold a special "Majlis Baca Yasin, Tahlil and Doa Selamat" in their camps in remembrance of those in the regiment who fell during the battle against the invading Japanese Army during World War II.

Let us pause a while and remember this day and our comrades before us who died defending the country. Let us "doa agar Allah merestui pengorbanan mereka dan meletakkan roh-roh mereka bersama mereka yang soleh lagi dikasihiNya."