"Prospering The Nation, Enhancing The Well-Being of the Rakyat: A Promise Fullfilled"

RAFOC welcomes the Budget 2013, presented to Parliament by YAB. Perdana Menteri in his capacity as Menteri Kewangan on Friday, 28 Sep 2012.

Other than prospering the Nation and enhancing the well-being of the Rakyat, RAFOC is particularly pleased to note the following benefits to the serving members of the Malaysian Armed Forces, the Reserve Force and those who have retired:

Serving Armed Forces Personnel

  • Entry requirement for the Malaysian Armed Forces officers raised to Bachelor's Degree with Honours; while for servicemen, minimum entry raised to SPM and diploma.
  • Career Advancement through time-based promotions for Privates to Lance Corporals and for Lance Corporal to Corporals within a period of eight years, for those who fulfilled the necessary requirement and performance.
  • Special incentive of RM200 per month to all Armed Forces personnel.
  • Additional one month bonus, which will be disbursed in two payments in Dec 2012 and Jan 2013.
  • Group Insurance Coverage for all Armed Forces personnel, up to maximum RM15,000.

Military Reserve Force

  • Service Allowance raised from RM4.00 to RM6.00 per hour for NCOs and ORs; RM5.80 to RM7.80 per hour for officers.

Armed Forces Veterans

  • Minimum pension increased from RM720 to RM820 with effect from 1 Jan 2012.
  • One-off payment of RM1,000 to assist former members of the armed forces who opted for early retirement, served less than 21 years and not in receipt of any pension.
  • Payment of additional RM500 to all retired Armed Forces personnel who are in receipt of pension, in addition to the RM500 which was paid before Hari Raya.

In thanking the Government for recognizing the contributions by the lower ranks of the Armed Forces veterans in receipt of pension below RM820, the members of the Reserve Force and the Armed Forces veterans who are not in receipt of any pension, RAFOC awaits the details on the implementation of the benefits to the Armed Forces veterans from JHEV.