We remember;

FEB 13, 1942
We remember Captain Yazid bin Ahmad,
Federated Malay States Volunteer Force.
You led 'B' Company, 1st Battalion, Malay Regiment.
We remember your last stand at Pasir Panjang, Singapore.
We feel the pain and gush of blood, fixed bayonets,
you fell under the flood of 56th Infantry Regiment.
We trudge along your wearied men on the bloodied ridge
But there is no dishonour in defeat, or capture,
for you all have fought a good battle.

FEB 14, 1942
We remember Lt Adnan Saidi and No. 7 Platoon at Bukit Chandu.
"Biar putih tulang, jangan putih mata"...
death before dishonour!
We hear the staccato bursts of Lewis machine gun and witness the clash of steel as your men stood firm,
bayonets glistening in the brooding afternoon sun,
blood spewing... with each thrust and yah! yah! yah!
into the enemy's flesh and bones.
Our brothers,
Lt Ariffin bin Sulaiman,
Lt Abdul Wahid bin Jidin,
Lt Abdullah bin Saad,
Lt Ibrahim bin Sidek,
Lt Ahmad bin Noordin, and
Lt Muhammad Isa Mahmud...
you taught us the meaning of sacrifice.
Of courage, valour and dignity.
Of pride in our uniform that you refused to shed.
You stood proud and stubborn,
unflinching before the firing squad.
So you died ...
but you fell not in vain.
We remember you all... the fallen sixteen British officers,
seven Malay officers (and Captain Yazid makes eight),
and one hundred forty six men of the Regiment,
and in silence we offer our sweat scarves to your weeping widows,
and your grieving sons and daughters,
and the kin you left behind.
We all are one.

MARCH 23, 1950
Cautiously, wading and breaking the calm of Sungai Semur about to turn crimson, bloodied.
Lt Hassan Mohd Yassin and twenty five,
No. 12 Platoon, 3rd Battalion,
Malay Regiment
outnumbered ten-fold, you fought,
'Til but Corporal Jamalludin bin Mohamad,
Lance-Corporal Mohamad bin Othman,
Private Abdul Wahab and four were left standing
You yielded not a foot,
"Kami askar, kami tidak akan serah diri!"
We remember,
"Kami askar, kami tidak akan serah diri!"

We remember how brief times were under a poncho by Bukit Kayu Hitam...
where we talked of Warminster,
Grik and Gubir ...
of your walks on Queensway,
Hyde Park and Bayswater...
comforting kakak of Malik's death that wasn't ...
in Leinster Square, in the room we call home.
We remember, so soon after,
at 44 Bryanston Square, the telex short and painful:

JULY 15, 1976 Gubir,
Capt Zainal Abdul Rashid has died in valour.
And we remember
Maj Zainal Abidin Yaacob and seven who fell,
2nd Lieutenant Abdul Razak bin Hussin,
2nd Lieutenant Abdul Hamid bin Ismail,
and all our brothers who had fought and who had kept the peace.

We shall visit you again and whisper your names over and over:
Sons of our Land. Sleep.
We remember you.

By Kol Abdul Malik Alwi (Bersara)
Kuala Lumpur
With kind courtesy of
New Straits Times, 21 Feb 2013

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