Our RAFOC membership stands at nearly 700 members, half of whom are golfers. RAFOC organizes four golf games per year - two amongst ourselves, one with the serving Armed Forces officers, and one with the Alumni PTD. As members of RAFOC, in particular as golfers, our RAFOC Secretariat is obliged to inform all members on the golf activities from time to time. This is done through the sending of our golf circulars by post or sms/whatsapp etc, to solicit their participation. The sending of the circulars ie the printing, the envelopes and stamps cost approximately RM500 per notification, totaling RM2,000 per year. This is paid by our RAFOC general fund.

To reduce the number of members to whom our RAFOC Secretariat needs to send the circular on our golf activities, our RAFOC Golf Sub-Committee, with the approval of our RAFOC Executive Committee, has decided to form a RAFOC Golf Section on its own. RAFOC members who wish to be kept informed on our golf activities will need to register and make a small contribution to be a member of the RAFOC Golf Section. The fund collected will be held in trust by RAFOC and will be used for the specific purpose of golf.

Members of RAFOC who register as members of the RAFOC Golf Section need only pay the basic charges for each game. Golfers who are members of RAFOC but who are not members of the RAFOC Golf Section will need to pay an extra administrative fee, say RM10.00 per game. Other retired Armed Forces officers who are not members of RAFOC will need to pay an extra contribution, say RM20.00 as administrative fee per game, if they are invited to play.

With the formation of our RAFOC Golf Section, the administration and funding of our golf activities will be better organized. Our RAFOC Golf Sub-Committee looks forward to your support. Non-golfers and those golfers who may not be able to participate in our golf games are also welcome to join as members of our RAFOC Golf Section so that they can kept informed on our golf activities.

Kindly submit your application to be a member of our RAFOC Golf Section, (attached below) together with your contribution to our RAFOC Secretariat soonest.

"Golfing to enhance our comradeship and concern for each other!"

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