On this date 50 years ago, 12 Dec 1962, 26 Officer Cadets of SSC 02, Federation Military College (later, Royal Military College), Sungai Besi were commissioned as 2nd Lt into the various corps/regiments of the Army, after successfully completed their six months' SSC officer cadet training.

On 1 Jul 1962, the intake started with 33 officer cadets - all for the Army. 10 were former Other Ranks (2 from the Air Force), one from Regular Intake 05 and one from Regular Intake 06.

SSC Intake 02 together with Regular Intakes 05 and 06 in Sep 1962

Lt Gen Sir Rodney Moore, the Chief of Armed Forces Staff (CAFS) then, took the salute during the commissioning parade, The Parade Commander was OC David Lam Wah Kum, who also received the "Best Cadet" award.

All have since left the Service. Of the 26 who were commissioned, seven have since passed away. One made it to Lt Jen, two to Brig Jen, seven to Kol, eight to Lt Kol, six to Mej and two to Kapt. 14 left before their compulsory retirement age on their own request.

During our last Annual Dinner held on 3 Nov 2012 at the Dewan Perdana Felda, Kuala Lumpur, with the attendance of YB. Menteri Pertahanan Malaysia, members of SSC Intake 02 together with members of Regular Intake 05 who came to the dinner were recognized and honoured in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of their commission.