New Members

RAFOC is pleased to welcome the following new members for the months of June 2016:

Jun 2016 (4)

  1. Ali bin Karwi, Brig Jen Dato', TUDM, (Urusetia; SSC 18; 1971-2005)
  2. Mohd Amin bin Abd Karim, Lt Kol, (RAMD; SSC 28; 1976-1999)
  3. Mohd Jailani bin Said, Mej, TUDM, (Jurutera; SSC; Graduan; 1990-2000)
  4. Raja Kobat Sallehuddin bin Raja Musa, Kapt, (RAMD; SSC 02; 1962-1972)

Note: Their applications were approved by the Executive Committee at its committee meeting on Thursday, 21 July 2016. With the approval of the above four applications, the total number of members as at 30 June 2016 was 726 (less 52 who have since left us.)