New Applications

RAFOC is pleased to receive the applications for membership from the following retired Armed Forces officers for the following month(s):

Jul 2016 (3)

  1. Aminrudin bin Baba, Kapt, TUDM, (Pilot; Emirate Airlines, UAE)
  2. Sukhilmi bin Othman, Kol (Dr), (KKD; PD-List; SSC; 1984-2002)
  3. Zamani bin Johar, Mej, (RAMD; SSC 37; 1981-2001)
Aug 2016 (1)
  1. Nor Mazlizzah bt Seet Abdullah, Lt Kol, (KPA-Gaji; SSC 41; 1982-2016)

Their applications will be tabled before the Executive Committee at its next meeting for official approval.