Welcome to the official Website of the "Retired Armed Forces Officers' Association" (RAFOC).

The website is to keep members and the retired Armed Forces officers' community, as well as the general public informed on the objects and activities of RAFOC, and news on its members and other retired Armed Forces officers. ("Retired" refers to those in receipt or not in receipt of pensions).

RAFOC was formed as the platform to provide the occasions for the retired Armed Forces officers to get together, to continue the esprit-de-corps and "comradeship" established when they were in the Service, and now to show concern over each other. As an association, RAFOC is concerned over the well-being and the welfare of the retired Armed Forces officers and will be their "voice" on such related matters with the relevant Government departments and agencies. It is also the object of RAFOC to uphold the image and prestige of the institution to which they have served and to maintain the rapport between the retired and the current serving officers of the Armed Forces.

With these objects, RAFOC has been holding various social, religious, intellectual and sporting activities annually with an encouraging response and attendance. In addition, RAFOC has made its existence felt with the Armed Forces, JHEV, PERHEBAT, HAT Tuanku Mizan and other relevant government departments and agencies on matters related to the administration of the retired Armed Forces officers' community. Although not a welfare organisation per se, RAFOC has also assisted in the funeral arrangements and organized visits to the sick and elderly, and assisted the needy, from time to time. All these activities were posted onto our website.

The membership of RAFOC is open to all retired Armed Forces officers, with or without pensions. The response from the retired Armed Forces officers to register as members has been quite encouraging. However the number is still small compared to the 10,000 or so Armed Forces officers, from the three Services, who have since retired or left the Service. RAFOC must increase its membership in order for it to truly represent the retired Armed Forces officers' community and for its "voice" to be heard.

Thank you for visiting our RAFOC Website. I trust you find it useful if not informative.

Salam Setiakawan.