The fifth meeting of the 2014/2015 Executive Committee and the third committee meeting for the year 2015, was held on Monday, 23 March 2015 from 1100 to 1430 hours at the Meeting Room, MTAT, Haigate, Kuala Lumpur. The meeting was chaired by Jen Tan Sri Datuk Amar Mohd Ghazali bin Dato' Mohd Seth, (Bersara), our RAFOC President. Present were our Deputy President and Vice President (Air) and nine other committee members. Also present were the two auditors, the Chairman of the Appeal Board and the Chairman of our "Terms of Retirement" team, on invitation.

This was the last meeting for the 2014/2015 Executive Committee before the Annual General Meeting to be held on Sunday, 29 March 2015. A number of the committee members will not be in the committee since they declined to be re-nominated.

The committee received the reports from the Honorary Secretary on the general administration of RAFOC and from the Honorary Treasurer, on the financial situation of RAFOC since the last committee meeting. The meeting discussed and passed the minutes of the last committee meeting held on 15 January 2015, received the reports from the various sub-committees on the activities held during the last quarter and discussed on the activities to be held by RAFOC for the year 2015.

The meeting considered and approved 23 new members for the months of January to March 2015. With the approval of the 23 new members, the total membership as at 23 March 2015 stood at 644 (39 have since left us).

The meeting also confirmed the minutes of the special meeting of the committee held on 12 February 2015 related to the coming Annual General Meeting to be held on Sunday, 29 March 2015 at Dewan Hikmat, MTAT, Haigate, Kuala Lumpur. The meeting accepted the nominations received for the nine posts which wiould fall vacant since the incumbents would have ended their 2-year term at the coming Annual General Meeting. The meeting also passed a resolution by the committee to be tabled at the coming Annual General Meeting related to the Entrance Fee for an Associate Member. With all the preparations, the committee expect a smooth running of the coming Annual General Meeting and a good turn-out by members.

Our thanks to the MTAT Comandant and his staff for facilitating our meeting at the Meeting Room of the MTAT and for the lunch after our meeting.

Note: Our RAFOC Executive Committee meet once a quarter to discuss and approve related matters to the running of the association. In addition, sub-committees under the responsible committee members meet from time to time to discuss the various activities.