We are in our twilight years.  Letís fly together in comradeship; for we are one of a kind...

Personal News


They left us this year  


Honours & Awards


On Pilgrimage to Mecca


Bousted unit sees profit again
LIMA 2013
Malindo Airways
Maxcorp boss seeks to take over Wijaya

Nice to Know

Happy 89th Birthday - Mej Abdul Manan (Bersara)


The Adventurous One:

Datomus Travels - Japanese cruise 
Datomus Travels - Trans-Siberia 2014 
Datomus Travels - Jerusalem 2013
Datomus Travels - Aussie Outback 4x4 2013  
Datomus Travels - Trans-Africa IV 2011  
Datomus Travels - KL-London 4x4 Overland 2005  

Conferences & Seminars

MIDAS Conference 2011 Report
Putrajaya Forum 2010 Report

Miscellaneous Jottings

Tan Sri Thana had a nasty experience  
Tactical Ploy  
Chin Peng's reign of terror
Four pencils in a box
A sturdy workhorse, not a thoroughbred
Hidden Hands: Remembering July 2000
A pleasant sight, amid the pain