Sub-Committees: Invitation to Serve

Our RAFOC Executive Committee consists of a President, a Deputy President, three Vice Presidents, an Honorary Secretary, an Honorary Treasurer and 10 ordinary Committee Members. The Committee is responsible to the members of RAFOC for the planning and execution of the various activities of RAFOC to meet its objectives. We have two members as auditors, who will audit our RAFOC accounts after the closing of our accounts at the end of the financial year. In addition we have an Executive Secretary who is responsible to the Executive Committee through the Honorary Secretary and the Honorary Treasurer for the day-to-day operations of the RAFOC Secretariat and its activities.

The Committee Members are each given portfolio/portfolios to look after. To assist them they are to appoint their respective sub-committee members and will report to the Executive Committee on the activities of their portfolios during committee meetings.

The aim of the Executive Committee is to make RAFOC relevant to the retired Armed Forces officers' community and in particular, to its members. To do this, there are many activities to be carried out and objectives to be achieved. As such, it is not possible for the individual Committee Members to take on these various activities on their own. Therefore, the Executive Committee is inviting volunteers amongst the members of RAFOC to assist and to become members of the various Sub-Committees. We are sure, with your participation much more can be done and RAFOC will continue to serve its purpose.

The portfolios and Committee Members responsible are as follows:

Chair person
1 Membership Jen Tan Sri Abd Rahman bin Abd Hamid (Bersara)
2 Social & Other Get-Together Mej Jen Dato' Abd Malek Shahar bin Harun TUDM (Bersara)
3 Golf & Sporting Activities Mej Jen Datuk Abd Kadir bin Nordin (Bersara)
4 Finance & Building Kapt Tan Sri Ahmad bin Johan (Bersara)
5 Service Matters & Related Issues Mej Jen Dato' Ahmad bin Ibrahim (Bersara)
6 History & Tradition Mej Jen Dato' Nordin bin Yusof (Bersara)
7 Welfare & Net-Working Mej Jen Dato' Yahya bin Bidin TUDM (Bersara)
8 Publicity & Communication Lt Kol Dato' Nawawi bin Mat Desa (Bersara)

Kindly indicate your willingness to assist and under which portfolio/portfolios you wish to get involved by return e-mel or sms to 013-2069895. For further details or suggestions, do call the Honorary Secretary at 013-2069895.

We look forward to you kind response and hope you are willing to contribute towards making RAFOC relevant. Salam Setiakawan.