Six members of our RAFOC Committee, led by our RAFOC President called on the new Commanding Officer, HAT Tuanku Mizan, Brig Jen (Dr) Md Amin bin Muslan at his office in HAT Tuanku Mizan, Kuala Lumpur on Thursday, 13 February 2014 at 1430 hours. Also in the RAFOC delegation were Mej Jen Dato' Mohd Muslim bin Ayob, TUDM, (Bersara) and Brig Jen Dato' Adnan bin Ali, (Bersara) - two members of our RAFOC Sub-Committee on Retirement Matters & Related Issues. The meeting lasted until 1745 hours.

The aim of the courtesy call was for the committee to maintain contact with the Commanding Officer of HAT Tuanku Mizan and to provide him with the feed-back on the services provided by HAT Tuanku Mizan to the Armed Forces veterans, in particular the retired Armed Forces officers' community. At the same time, the visit was to enable the committee to be updated on the latest development of the hospital and the services provided to the Armed Forces veterans.

In thanking him for meeting the delegation from our RAFOC committee, Jen Tan Sri Mohd Ghazali congratulated Brig Jen (Dr) Md Amin on his promotion to Brig Jen and on his appointment as the new Commanding Officer, HAT Tuanku Mizan, in December 2013. Jen Tan Sri Mohd Ghazali also extended our appreciation to the staff at HAT Tuanku Mizan for the services rendered and to register RAFOC's concern on the issues related to the medical benefits of the retired Armed Forces officers.

Brig Jen (Dr) Md Amin thanked the delegation for their courtesy call and ensured those present that HAT Tunku Mizan recognized the sacrifice made by the Armed Forces veterans and would continue to provide the medical service to the Armed Forces veterans as one of its responsibilities. Also present with him were Lt Kol Adlan bin Adnan, Pharmacist and Lt Kol Mior Puad bin Mior Ibrahim, Head of Administration.

Brig Jen (Dr) Md Amin briefed the delegation on the steps that HAT Tuanku Mizan would be making to improve on its services to its patients, including the following:

  • Collecting of medicines for those who need to come again to collect their medicines to be made in the afternoon, and not in the morning, together with the morning patients.
  • Another alternative was to install vending machines from where, medicines can be collected.
  • To source out the supply of medical aids such as wheel chair, hearing aids and other supporting equipment.
  • To get other Armed Forces clinics with specialist doctors to provide the specialist care for those needing such, other than in HAT Tuanku Mizan.
  • To improve on the soft skill of the staff.

In looking forward to the above changes, the committee did raise a number of issues related to the medical benefits and facilities given to the Armed Forces veterans, in particular the retired Armed Forces officers at HAT Tuanku Mizan, including:

  • Budgeting system for the medical care for the Armed Forces veterans.
  • Procedure and delay in the dispensing of medicines.
  • Inclusion of necessary "supplements" as "medicines".
  • Enhancing relations by HAT staff, including the use of retired ranks.
  • Improvement on the information system at HAT Tuanku Mizan.
  • Farmasi Veteran.

In concluding the courtesy call, our President offered RAFOC's assistance to HAT Tuanku Mizan to deal with the retired Armed Forces officers' community, such as the dispensing of information etc.

All in all, it was a good three-hour meeting. Our thanks to Brig Jen (Dr) Md Amin for listening to the feed-back from our members on the services provided by HAT Tuanku Mizan. We wish him well in his intent to make changes for the betterment of the service to be provided by HAT Tuanku Mizan. The last meeting our RAFOC committee had with the (former) Commanding Officer, HAT Tuanku Mizan was on 10 Jul 2013. We hope that such a meeting will continue to be held from time to time as deemed necessary.

After the meeting, three representatives from the committee took time to visit Lt Mohd Nasir bin Abdullah, (Bersara), who was still recuperating in the Wad Veteran (Wad Bunga Raya) in the hospital.