As part of our RAFOC Committee's continuing visit in conjunction with the months of Ramadan and Aidilfitri, five members of the committee led by Brig Jen Dato' Jamaluddin bin Shamsuddin, TUDM, (Bersara), the newly appointed Committee Member/ Chairman of our Welfare & Net-Working Sub-Committee, visited three other members who were "uzur" on Wednesday, 20 August 2014 as follows:
  1. Kapt Abd Malek bin Idris, (Bersara) (81; KPA-Kerani; SSC; DC; 1967-1974) in his house in Kg Sungai Tua, Batu Caves. Kapt Abd Malek, at 81, looked young, healthy and well, except that he has to use a tongkat to walk around. He gets his occasional medical treatment from the Selayang Hospital and not at HAT Tuanku Mizan, as such. Otherwise he is contented and has no complaint and well-looked after by his wife.

  2. Lt Kol Sheikh Taufik bin Sheikh Shukor, (Bersara) (66; RAMD/RRD; RMAS; 1960-1983) in Hospital Selayang. Kol Sheikh is really sick -suffering from muscular dystrophia. He has really lost weight and unable to walk nor to lift himself up. Although in that condition, he is still full of joy, still telling jokes to all who visited him. His wife was there to care for him.

  3. Lt Sheikh Othman bin Sheikh Ahmad, TLDM, (Bersara)(68; Seaman; SSC; BRNC; 1965-1975) in his daughter's house in Kota Damansara. Lt Sheikh looked healthy and well, except that had muscular problem with his right leg and has to use a tongkat to walk around. He is under medical treatment and medication from HAT Tuanku Mizan from time to time. Having been an active man, he feels bored staying at home doing nothing.

All in all, it was a good day for the committee members, being able to visit three of our members - to let them know that our RAFOC Committee, or for that matter, all members of RAFOC, are concerned with their well-being. This was our third day for such visit, the first was during the month of Ramadan, on Monday, 21 July 2014 visiting Lt Jen Dato' Jaafar bin Onn, (Bersara) and the second was on Tuesday, 22 July 2014 visiting Jen Tan Sri Mohd Sany bin Abd Ghaffar, (Bersara).

RAFOC will be organising another day to visit two or three other elderly and "uzur" members next week. Members who can spare the time and wish to join the visits are kindly requested to inform our RAFOC Secretariat by email or sms 013-2069895