As part of our RAFOC Committee's visit in conjunction with the months of Ramadan and Aidilfitri, five members of the committee led by Brig Jen Dato' Jamaluddin bin Shamsuddin, TUDM, (Bersara), the Committee Member/Chairman of our Welfare & Net-Working Sub-Committee, visited four other members who were "uzur" on Wednesday, 27 August 2014 as follows:
  1. Brig Jen Dato' Ahmad Sujak bin Bon, TUDM, (Bersara) (68; Engineer; SSC; 1967-2000?) in his house in Bukit Indah, Ampang. Dato' Sujak had a stroke whilst he was in Jakarta, Indonesia in Jun 2012 and was brought back to Malaysia, and admitted to Sungai Buloh Hospital for a month. He was bed-ridden with the right side of his body partially paralysed. Otherwise he looked healthy and well, except that he could not speak out but could hear what we said. He is now undergoing theraphy at the Rehabilitation Centre, Bandar Tun Razak from time to time. He is looked after by his wife.

  2. Lt Jen Dato' Mohd Yusof bin Din, (Bersara) (83; RAMD; RMAS 18; 1956-1986) in his house in Taman Perwira Dua, Ampang Jaya. Dato' Yusof suffered from stroke earlier this year and was admitted to Gleneagles Hospital for treatment. He was bed-ridden with the right side of his body still unable to move. He has lost weight and unable to speak due to the flam lurking in his tonsil every now and then. Although in that condition, he was still full of joy and ever smiling. He is undergoing therephy from time to time to gain strength to walk again. His wife was there to care for him.

  3. Lt Nasir bin Abdullah, (Bersara)(72; KPD; SSC 06; 1965-1975) in HAT Tuanku Mizan, Kuala Lumpur. Lt Nasir had been in the hospital since 2011, awaiting for treatment to regain both eyesights. He looked healthy and well, and has adapted himself well with his condition.

  4. 2Lt Rosli bin Othman, (Bersara) (63?; RAMD; SSC 32; 1978-1980?) in HAT Tuanku Mizan, Kuala Lumpur. Lt Rosli had a stroke and had been in the hospital since 2011. He was unable to move about and bed-ridden.

It was another good day for the committee members, being able to visit another four of our comrades, who were ill. All in all, we were able to visit nine members - two during the month of Ramadan and seven during the month of Aidilfitri.

RAFOC will be organising such visits onto our elderly and "uzur" members from time to time. Members who can spare the time are kindly requested to visit our friends who are not all that well, hopefully to cheer them up and to let them know that we still care. That's what comradeship is all about.